Reduce your time online and on social media

08 Oct 2019

Wanting to reduce your time online?

The following tips can help you get more control over your internet usage and create more space and freedom in your life.

Charge your device outside your bedroom

One way to make sure you don’t spend too long looking at your phone in bed is to not look at your phone in bed at all.

Make your apps less appealing

Apps are designed to grab your attention for as long as they can. One way to use them on your own terms is to make them just a little bit trickier to access.

Delete your account

It might be worth deleting the app from your device for a while or getting rid of your account completely. Which social media networks support you? Which ones don’t? Draw up a list of the pros and cons of each social platform you use to help you decide whether or not to keep it.

Take pause

If you feel an urge to go to social media or whatever it is that distracts you, it’s helpful to give yourself a moment to reflect. Odds are the urge will go away quicker than you think. Meditation can help you get better at noticing your urges and making more mindful choices.

Be kind and patient with yourself

There’ll probably be times when you get distracted anyway. If you do, it’s important you don’t beat yourself up about it. You’re doing really well, and the more you practice the easier it can get.