Jellis Craig Foundation

30 May 2016
headspace has been a Jellis Craig Foundation charity partner since 2016.
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This partnership allowed headspace to extend the delivery of the Food for Thought program in the southeast region of Victoria.

The program aims to increase the confidence, skills and knowledge of key staff in secondary schools. It enables them to identify, intervene appropriately and support young people who may be experiencing disordered eating and other early warning signs of an emerging eating disorder.

In 2018, the Jellis Craig Foundation began supporting the mental health role models programs, which sees young people from selected headspace centres trained and upskilled to become mental health role models in their community. This peer to peer program helps to increase mental health literacy and reduce barriers to seeking help.

Jellis Craig staff have participated in headspace Career Mentoring, with overwhelmingly positive feedback, such as:

“Not only does the mentor get to aid someone grow, it gives the skills of managing different situations and gets you thinking on how to tackle different issues. The mental health training on its own is so valuable to everyday life. I think everyone should do it.”

“It was beyond amazing, it increased my work performance, specifically after each session.”

“Very rewarding. It provides an opportunity for employees to utilise their skills and give back in a meaningful way.”

“Whilst it is ultimately there to help young people it also helps the mentor learn and grow in their own role and in life. As a leader and a manager, it has definitely helped my leadership skills and has opened my mind. The mental health first aid training is something that I feel all people should do. That alone, I utilise every day in my personal and professional life.”