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daniel, 17, discusses bullying

31 Aug 2018

So the first days were awkward. I was starting school with low English capabilities, only learning from Television such as Play school and Sesame Street. The bullying started when the other kids would tease me for being 'Asian' or 'not speaking English'. They would mock my accent and squint their eyes and that age I had no idea what they were doing, but it felt mean and it hurt.

Kids started to walk away from me over the weeks and i was clueless to way i was alone, just standing there in the shadow amongst others. I remember asking my mum why kids were so mean and why i didn't have any friends. Mum got concerned about me and resulted in moving me into another school, a total of 8 schools to be exact. . Every school was the same. My mum would notice me coming home and crying in my room quietly, which worried her to the extent she had to talk to the school herself, knowing she wasn't skilled in English, she tried her best.

Going to school became a thing I wouldn't look forward too, because of what I knew what I was going to face. At that time, I was a chubby boy so not only I was bullied for being Asian, but I also for being fat. I had no friends and was still wondering why. The bullying became extreme and there was violence. Yet even though I did fight for justice, I had received nothing in return.

By grade 4-6, for some reason I also got along more with girls than with boys. Not such a good thing because then I was teased for being 'gay' or a 'poof' and my self esteem couldn't get any lower. I hated myself, hated being me. I became a sensitive, quiet boy that didn't want to be seen knowing anything because I would be teased.

A new start to High school and i thought everything would change, new school, new people. To cut this story short, nothing changed. It was like starting in primary school on the first day of prep, only difference was i had better English skills. Year 7, i don't want to remember. Starting high school is supposed to be significant and a time i would never forget - yes... i would never forget because now i bare those scars. I got the same treatment in bullying; all the teasing, being Asian, fat, gay, freak, you name it. I would have done anything to be 'cool'.

So I tried fitting in, and I thought it had worked. I had a birthday party that year, invited all my 'cool friends'. Only one turned up. In the end, they all abandoned me and used me, broke all my trust, and laughed at me. I cried, questioning what the hell was wrong with me.

I finished year 7 with a really negative note and moving to another high school. I had a pleasant email send to me at the end of year 7 saying "Don't ever come back". Lovely!

Year 8 at a new school I expected nothing new and that's what I got. I devoted myself to my studies; my math book was my best friend. I was a "geek". I was so devoted to my studies that my teachers wanted to skip me to year 10, so that's what happened. A new year level? Different people again. Was I meant to expect any different.

But for some reason, I wanted to try something new. I literally transformed myself. Changed my hair, lost weight, and created a nick name. I entered year 10 with this 'new' me. And for the first time I got positive feed back from them. People thought I was 'cool'. Was this fake, were they just saying that so they would use me then dump me later on? At first I was afraid, but gradually the people made me feel good about me. These people loved my ethnicity, they loved how I looked, complementing my appearance, they loved my personality but most of all they loved me for being me. This was all new to me. Compliments for me? But I liked it :) I started liking being me! I had lots of friends in school and that slowly expanded to friends outside of school. For the first time, I felt this strange feeling. . . I was happy. From that year onwards, I strove to become a better person.

I would want to share my story further but there is a limit in words. So i conclude with be unique. Be someone that you like and no one else. When people realise you are unique from the crowd you will be praised. I don't want any one going through what i went through. If i could help all of you, i would - but I'm just a kid with a past. Today, I am living a happy life. I am now in year 12 and enjoying life it its fullest. I have a large amount of friends from all over Melbourne and I go out with them every weekend. I went from the kid with no friends to a SOCIAL FREAK. I had grown from my past and became stronger for the future.

And as for my English, i am now an A+ student in English literature! Haha! REMEMBER: BE HAPPY BECAUSE LIFE IS TOO SHORT! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!